How much exercise should I do?

Due to fatigue issues and a change in schedule, I've had to reduce my workout duration by about 1/2 during the last ~6 weeks. I'm now doing 30-40mins 5x per week.

In fact, my physique has improved considerably over that time. My muscles are far more prominent, and my appearance has been far more consistent, with less puffiness/bloating and fewer fluctuations. I think I must have been heading into overtraining and stressing my body too much previously, which probably explains my current exhaustion.

I just wanted to share this so anyone who's worried about not doing enough exercise to see results, or who feels guilty about cutting down during a busy period, will know that you really need to consider the amount that's appropriate for your overall lifestyle, taking account of all your other obligations and activities, as well as the amount of stress you're under, in order to decide the right number/length of workouts. Doing more will not necessarily get you there faster or even help you to progress at all, if you're overreaching what your body can do.

So let's remember that short workouts are still effective, and that you can still keep your fitness with a reduced programme if the circumstances require.

Has anyone else noticed similar? Share your experiences of doing more or less exercise, and how that's effected you.