Weekly check-in & next week's goals


Re: last weeks goals:

- I did most of the workouts I had planned to do - I didn't do the stretches scheduled on Thursday and today. I am going to do them tomorrow and on Tuesday.

- I had ditched logging my food (in detail) and was going to still eat mindfully. We-e-e-lll ... there's room for improvement.

Next weeks goal:

- I'll be visiting my parents Thursday-Sunday which will leave little to no room for workouts (both figuratively and literally). I want to go for a lot of walks though.

- I am going to do the rescheduled stretches tomorrow & Tuesday, plus Day 22 & Day 23 of FB Strong on Tuesday and on Wednesday.

- I really, really want to keep my nutrition in check. Goal for this week: only to eat when I'm actually hungry. Orrr ... try to shift the focus on our family meals (because I'm going to eat those, then, obviously. Seeing as I'm the mum in this house etc.)