Hello again!! So glad I found this FB community section. I have a question for you; what do you do to find the energy to workout? Especially during the lazy summertime. I had eliminated my coffee consumption to 3-4 cups per month (maybe less). Up until 3 weeks I was doing perfectly, I had energy and didn't need it. I like the taste of it but it doesn't feel good in my stomach and everytime I drink it I feel hungry even if I 've just eaten. I also can't sleep heavily at nights when I 've drunk coffee so I 'm not resting enough. Anyway, it's almost summer and it's too sunny and warm (I live in Greece) and summer is not my favorite season, I feel lazy and miserable, I 'm more of a rainy-moody-gloomy kind of person. I don't feel like working out during summer and so I started drinking coffee regularly again in hopes of getting the energy to workout. But although I feel more energized, it's more of an empty energy, I feel hungry and weak and I can't concentrate my mind to do the exercises correctly, plus it keeps me up until late at night so there's not much time the day after to workout. Do you have any suggestions to beat the summer laziness and find the energy to workout, without caffeine? Thanks and sorry if you read that far 😶