Pasta with creamy pesto and another with creamy pink sauce

Here are a couple of meals I made for breaking my fast during this ramadan. Both of them I used Hodgson Mills Ultragrain Elbows with Quinoa. I loved that i found this because the elbows are mini ones. I love seeing a big plate of food so I bulk up my pasta with zuchinni. Because the pasta is small I cut up the zuchinni in similar sized pieces and sauteed them along with some onions and then added the cooked elbows. For the creamy pink pasts i also add slices sauteed mushrooms.

For the pesto sauce I add homemade pesto and some cream cheese and milk and mix over med-low heat until well combined. For the pink sauce I add marinara or any red pasta sauce and some cream cheese (you can add red chilli flakes for a spicy kick too) and mix over med-low heat until well combined. You could also opt to use evaporated milk with good results as well.