I miss my workouts~ 😭


So....it’s been almost a week of no working out..except for a couple stretching routines, which I really appreciate. If not for that, I might have gone crazy. Before getting pregnant, I worked out 5 times a week. Now, bc of this blood clot that may or may not be an issue, my husband and mother don’t even want me doing low impact. So I haven’t. I am totally on board, bc I want my baby to be healthy and safe, but I miss my workouts!!! I feel like such a lazy bum at times and like my body is just slowly deteriorating from inactivity. I mean, I don’t just lie down all day. I have work and household chores that I still do. I don’t mind not doing HIIT, but I wanna workout! I feel like it’s really depressing me. I know I’m supposed to gain weight little by little, but I don’t want any complications that can come from not exercising. I’ve read that it’s so healthy for mom and baby. I guess I just need a little encouragement from my FB family please~ 😢