Baby boy born - :)

Hi FB Family! I've been posting about my journey working out with FB pregnant. I just wanna share here that my baby boy is born.

=) He was born with 3.225kg, 48.5cm, pergectly healthy. From a c-section. My recovery has been amazing, since day 3 I do everything without limitations or pain (not exercises!!!! But day by day stuffs and baby cares). After 72h my belly was almost normal again, too. I don't have what to complain about.

Real pain tho, is breastfeeding! I really didn't imagine it could hurt and be so harsh. But now (day 5), things are getting better, less painfull. And thank God, he feeds every 2 hours and milk supply is ok.

I will be some 2 months resting before get back to exercise, because of the cirgury, but I'm glad for that! The routine with va baby is very demmand, I don't it would be time to get back to workout before 2 months anyway.

But it's just the BEST thing in the world!