Some motivation lost

(In first excuse my bad language - I'm french :))

Hello everybody ! I'm here to ask the community about some personnal experience.

I started FB in january. The first 8 weeks I worked with the FBFit program. It works well but i weren't happy about my body even if i lost some cms and maybe one or two kg.

So I purchased a diet plan to learn how to eat. I didn't stop my exercices since january. But, i cannot lost more kg, and i don't really see result on my body since 2 month. I eat 1600 calories a day, and exercice around 50 min a day. With the meal plan I reached the 66 kg. But .. I really would like to lose more and achieve my goal of 60 kg. But as I said before, i cannot lose more.

When i take some before/after picture (around 1/month) I take it after the last meal of the day. And I really don't see any result. I'm still the same. So first question : Is that normal ? When is the best moment to take a picture ?

In addition, I would like to ask you if you have any suggestion of what I am doing wrong to nlt lose any more kg. What are your suggestion ? What can I do ?

I'm totally agree with the fact that I'm really obsessed with my body that I don't like. But, why cannot lose more ? I drink a lot a day, I do my exercice, and I eat correctly .. So what can I do ? I'm losing a bit of motivation each time I see me.

The only moment of the day where I feel great is the morning .. When all is correct in the mirror :(