A few words


To everyone who is feeling discouraged or who's having set backs because they aren't seeing any results: don't stop working - physically and psychically. Every body is different and while some might see results in 4 weeks, others might see them in 4 months.

I've been working out since august with FB, on and off because life happens :) and for the first time in years, I might say, I can finally see the results I was pining over. And let me tell you, it feels fantastic ! FB has helped me not only with my health and "shaping" my body but has also made me accept my "flaws". I've gotten past looking at my stretch marks with disgust which is a huge step for me since I was pretty obsessed with them.

So please, don't give up ! Keep fighting to get where you've been dreaming. And enjoy it because although sometimes it feels like a duty (I know I've felt it before) it sure does feel great at the end of it, doesn't it ?

Can't wait to read more of your incredible stories !