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Accountability Post/Workout complete/next week's goals

Well, this week kind of twisted my FB Strong schedule a little but I don't complain. I knew I was short of time so instead of aiming for a daily workout I decided to do my best on the two days I knew I was going to be able to set aside some time (Tuesday, for the 1000 cal WO, and Thursday for a Tae Bo class with my friends).

Last Sunday and today were for stretches, and I tried to stay active on all the other days, too (Friday was a a-little-bit-every-hour day).

I had planned to do a weight training routine tonight but it was the end of a long week and I had this one still left to do (I tend to skip optional recovery workouts ...).

One thing I've been trying to get used to (for years) is that Fitnessblender regard Sunday as the first day of the week. I'm more familiar with the concept of Monday being that first day of the week. However, I like the look of the week ahead very much right now, so I'm trying to save that feeling of gentle anticipation for tomorrow and the rest of the week.