Site Suggestion #2


So first of all FB community is awesome! I hope we can have some more forum functions soon to keep up with subjects, see new replies to old posts etc, reply with photos too maybe? in progress posts or meal posts would be awesome.

Regardless of this, that has been suggested before, I think it would be awesome if we could have

1. A "Note" Section for each video or maybe our favorite videos? Would be easier to track progress with individual videos. We could note the dates we did it, how hard was it, where we modified, etc. I'm talking about a single note here, that we can edit to add text whenever we want.

2. organize my favorites into custom categories i make.

PS: I have 0 clue about how hard it would be to add these or any features.

I just seriously like this site/you/the community and wish we could have it all through this site.