Daily Check-in: Saturday, May 19th


Hello Blenders!

It's finally the weekend! Whoo hoo! What do you guys have planned?

It's rainy here today, so I think I'm gonna stay in and clean house, and maybe do some baking! As much as I would like to be outside, we really needed the rain here because it was getting too dry; and we had a Red Flag Warning again. It will definitely help to green things up!

So yesterday I did the new 1000 Calorie Workout, and I absolutely loved it! The HIIT section was a good combination of low, medium, and high impact exercises, which made it manageable to complete without feeling like you were gonna die lol. And the upper and lower body strength, combined with the abs section; it was perfect! I think it's my new favorite of the 1000 Calorie Workouts (Thanks Daniel!).

So do you guys have a workout planned today? Or maybe some outdoor activities? Or maybe a rest day?

I think I'm going to try to do that bodyweight upper body workout I missed on Thursday. It's no impact, and I'm not feeling sore in my upper body from yesterday; so I'm gonna try it.

It's this one:


And maybe some yoga too!

I hope you all enjoy your day, and thanks again for checking in with me!