Any Pregnant Ladies Due in June?


I am pregnant with 25 days to go (but who is counting, right?). Baby due second week of June. I have been doing really well keeping motivation up to workout until this week. Anyone else out there almost to the end wanting to keep motivated to workout until the end? I am still managing 30-45 minutes of low impact cardio/strength with FB and swimming/water aerobics 5-6 times a week. The swimming is great, but I cannot always get there 5-6 times a week so I am supplementing with FB. The trouble is I really just want to quit all together, but I know I need to keep going! This last month is where you gain the most weight, so I have to keep going! Let me know if you are in a similar situation so we can keep each other supported and going to the end!!!

People suggest walking, but due to a host of issues (swelling, circulation problems, heat, etc), walking (other than normal daily getting around) for exercise is just not possible for me.