I love you guys!


Hi everyone,

I spend very little time on social media and am only using FB (to connect with friends who have moved away) and - only very recently - Instagram (to find inspiration as I pursue a healthier lifestyle). I have been shocked to see how many rude and toxic people hide behind their computers and liberally affix labels and insult and ridicule others. It's absolutely disgusting and I can only explain it as some kind of a sad/insecure/small person syndrome. There are even people who run somewhat popular accounts that (supposedly) preach love and acceptance, but inevitably reveal themselves as judgmental, unpleasant, condescending, and even delusional. With so many despicable characters out there, it is so comforting to come to this community and read only kind, supportive words. It's truly a testament to what K&D stand for and what they've worked so hard to build. Without their kindness and positivity, we would not have such a congregation of wonderful people who care about each other, lift each other up, and celebrate successes together. It might sound silly but this place keeps renewing my faith that humanity isn't doomed. :-) You guys are absolutely awesome and I'm truly blessed to have found you all. Thank you!