Daily Check-in: Thursday, May 17th


Hello Blenders!

How are you doin today?

I really underestimated my soreness when I did my workouts yesterday; so I had to modify quite a bit. Shallower squats, lighter weights, lower impact; and I was just too sore for weighted bridges, so I did weighted calf raises instead. And I can really feel my calves today! I should incorporate weighted calf raises into my workouts more often.

Today's workout, I'm going a bit lighter because I plan to do the new 1000 Calorie workout tomorrow. So this is what I'm doing today:


What do you guys have planned today? Working out, or rest day?

Lately, I've been trying to incorporate yoga regularly into my workout routines. I've always struggled with flexibility, and I have really noticed an improvement when I add yoga in. Plus, it always feels so good, and relaxing!

So here's a question: what factors do you notice most when you workout? In other words, what do you gain most noticeably (outside of visible appearance)? Maybe lifting heavy things is easier? Or you have more stamina and energy to get through the day? Or may you have noticed that your flexibility has improved, and that bending over to tie your shoes isn't the strain is used to be (that's totally me, haha)?

Well, have a great day Blenders! (We're almost to the weekend, whoo hoo!)