Losing motivation


I've been using the workout programs for about 2 months now. I've used the FB Abs and Total Body Bodyweight 4 week programs. I never seem to see any results unless I double up on videos. Like, if I do the workout scheduled for the day and just do that, I see no results at the end of the program unless I repeated the videos each day or added another video. I'm really frustrated and I want to be able to do the 1 workout per day and see results. I really want to lose weight and I'm frustrated because at this point I could have already been down 10 pounds, and thag would be a big milestone for me. I tried cutting out soda and not really eating snacks, but occasionally I would. Maybe I need to not even allow myself to drink a soda a week or anything like that and maybe I just need to push myself to add more daily workouts to my schedule instead of just the scheduled ones. Any advice?