Daily Check-in: Wednesday, May 16th


Hello Blenders!

How's it going today? How do you feel after your workouts (or maybe your rest day) yesterday?

I'm still kind of sore in the glutes from the workout I did Monday! And I'm feeling it in my back muscles from upper body day yesterday.

Today, I'm going to do some lower body (going a little easier due to soreness) and abs. I think I will do these two:



I really like that ab workout. It's super hard; but it works your abs in a different way.

So what do you have scheduled for today?

Also, I'm nosy, so I was curious about something. I noticed there are a lot of Blenders who are currently going to school. So what I'm wondering is: what's your field of study? What are you majoring in?

I've been out of school for a while, but mine was Biology with a Fish & Wildlife Ecology emphasis. And if I ever when back to get a Master's, it would actually probably be in Plant Science or Botany (my favorite courses were Genetics, Plant Science, and Vegetation Field Study; oh and Aquatic Invertebrates, but that doesn't fit into my Plant Science plan lol).

Well, I hope all you lovely Blenders have a great day!