Workout incomplete without the extra challenge :)

Fun topic:

Talking about the workout programs, that all have some extra challenge, at least 4 times a week. The thing is, I simply can't mark the day complete if I don't do the extra challenge. I feel like I didn't do anything and the workout feels incomplete :))) Especially when is a program like FB Burn, where the workouts are mostly 35'ish minutes and I always have the feeling that those extra 10-15 min of challenge will do the difference and I won't have any results if I don't do them. Yeah, I know it's crazy and the programs are made to give results in those 35 minutes, but that's just how I feel.

Am I the only one who feels like this?:))

I swear, it stuck into my subconscious like a superstition!! :)))))))

Also, has anyone done a workout program and didn't do the extra challenges (or, skipped many days of them), but still had results?

PS: I am doing again the FB Burn, as I said in another topic (after I abandoned it at half, due to busy/ ill days) and I am using heavier weights than last time. It's interesting to see how the results show up faster now, even if I didn't change much of my diet. Long live heavy weights! Wich is good, because I feel I am recovering the 2 weeks without workout!