Seeking Diet Advice

I'm having a hard time really knowing what foods I should be eating. I've always held on to about 10lbs of fat that I can't lose. Although with FB workouts I do see my body shifting and toning up. I don't feel like I eat bad, but know I dont necessarily eat great. Here is the foods I incorporate into my diet. Let me know if you have any suggestions or meal plans you've loved. I'm also rather picky so diet plans don't usually work for me. These are the meals I usually rotate, give or take. I am 4'10 about 107lbs. I don't like to count calories because I have obsessive tendencies. On the weekends I do usually treat myself to pizza or some other kind of unhealthy meal :( During the week I workout with fitness blender programs 5 days a week and go to the gym on saturday or sunday and either run or do spin for 45 mins then a 15 min TRX ab session following.


-2 scrambled eggs (no cheese)

-banana w/ peanut butter

-fruit smoothie (strawbs, banana,blueberries, protien powder, almond milk)


-turkey lettuce cucumber sandwich on 1 piece of bread and a side of grapes

-grilled chicken wrap with lettuce & nuts (or salad form)


-chicken w/veggies

-kielbasa w/ veggies (i know not very healthy)

-some sort of crock pot chicken concoction


-veggies and homemade hummus

-crackers and hummus (less healthy option)

- chips and salsa