Daily Check-in: Monday May 14th


Good Morning (or evening depending where you are) Blenders!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I ended up not doing a workout at all this weekend; which is ok. I worked up a sweat planting flower beds, mowing the lawn, and that kind of stuff; so I think it still counts.lol

But today, I'm getting that workout in! I'm going to do this one:


and maybe add on a 10 minute abs video too.

What workouts do you have scheduled today? Or maybe a rest day?

I hope you all start off your week strong!

And thanks to everybody who checks in on these posts; and I hope that maybe they help with accountability? Or even as a way to get something off your chest? Anywho; I appreciate all of you who like to check in, because I really do enjoy hearing from you.

Have a great day Blenders!