BEST PANCAKES YET (and more goodies!)

So this morning I made another set of pancakes, and I truly think these were the best I've made! So soft, melt in your mouth goodness and not too sweet! They were coconut butternut squash pancakes with some coconut pecan and chocolate toppings with Greek yogurt (Fage is my favorite and I go early don't know how I went for so long eating nonfat yogurt because whole day is just so tasty!) And fresh fruit!

Some bites were kind of nasty but I'm not yet sure if it's because I didn't mix the baking soda and powder well enough or of the cocoa nibs were weird....

Anyhow, I had a turmeric and cinnamon cappuccino! And last night I made a bunch more rolls! They turned out looks like I'm gonna have some pretty filling breakfasts these next few days!

How are your Sundays? It's really rainy here, but I like it! I'm also going to leave school for a week this Friday to go to Portugal which I'm always excited for! Any plans within the FB community?