Nutrition advice

Hi all! I have a couple questions regarding what I eat.

I am a female, about 5’7 and 140-145 pounds. I also just started FB abs. I consider myself a healthy eater and have eliminated processed junk out of my diet, but I would like to get leaner and stronger. I am motivated because lately I have just been tired of feeling soft haha and am wondering if I am eating too much or the wrong foods.

Typically I have eggs, with a variety of combinations with things like toast, fruit, veggies, or chicken sausage

Lunch and dinner tend to be mix of starches/grains, protein and veggies, especially at dinner.

I normally snack between lunch and dinner with stuff like fruit with peanut butter and rice cakes, popcorn, avocado toast, etc.

Some other foods I have pretty much every day are whole wheat sourdough bread (normally topped with grass fed butter) which I make myself with my own sourdough starter, kombucha (also brew myself), and I tend to have one treat or so a day like Dark chocolate squares or a homemade baked good using sweetness like maple syrup or honey.

I know that’s a lot but would appreciate any thoughts!