Trip: Eating anything!


Well.. I wrote a post last week about my trip that I was going to do this weekend and that I was worry about the eating part.

Some of you told me to relax and I'm really doing it :') I think to much.

I came to my mother in law's house and we went to a birthday today. And you know, chips and sweets are the biggest part of a birthday party. So yeah, I've been eating like that here.

My week was very healthy all of it, good food and FB workouts everyday. So right now, I think I'll relax until monday that I'll be back un my house and with my normal habits.

I was stressing because I have the goal to lose around 10-15lbs and go back to my normal weight. In february I was in 174 and now I am in 158!! So I want to keep it going and I was afraid of this or these kinds of trip weekends. But I am trying to relax and just enjoy these moments :)

What do you think about it? Should I worry more and restrict myself?

Thank you FB family!