Hip Pain


I have pain in my right hip from the front of my pelvis to the outside of my thigh and around towards my butt. I can walk on it fine, no problems with putting weight on it and no pain when sitting. But, it hurts when I do a toe touch or any bending even when I bend my knees. So of course squats,lunges and deadlifts hurt as well as pretty much anything involving stretching my hip flexors. I can lift my leg out in front of me and to the side without any pain. I can even jump on it with no problems. I have been to a dr and its not a strain, fracture or dislocation. Clearly I need to see another doctor but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and what you did about this. I just finished FBLowImpact because I thought maybe it was too much hiit or something but it didn't change anything and now I can't even do low impact.