Fb burn changes!

Good Morning! I've been doing fitness blender since December 16 and lost 20kg. Since hitting my lowest weight in January, I had been on a bit of a plateau, and gained and lost 3kg over 3 months. In April I decided to kick that into touch, and do FB Burn round 2 and I'm so proud of myself. And I think you can see the difference in the pics. I tried to make the pics as similar as possible, no flexing, at rest etc, same time of day. I loved doing Burn!

Stat's (because I love numbers!)

Weight loss: 2.9kg (6.4lb)

Fat percentage: 2.5% loss

Measurements: 5 cm (2") from bust and waist and 4cm from hips.

I'm now 1.5 kg away from a healthy BMI (yes I know it's flawed, but for me it's a good guide). I've lost 22kg (48.5 lb) now!

I'm absolutely thrilled and I think you can see the difference in the pics, mostly in my bust haha.

Ive started thinking about my ultimate aim. I've never had a concrete number of Kgs I want to weigh. At the moment I want to get under 65kg which puts me into a healthy weight. From there I would like to lose a few more, maybe aim for 60kg, so that I'm nicely in that healthy zone. Then just maintain for a bit and just use my clothes as a guide for how I'm doing. I'm just going to see how I feel as I go.

And I've included a before and after from the beginning of this journey to show just how far I've come!