Tired with not seeing results


Hi FB Family!

I've been with you for quite long time now, and although did not write on the forum much, I've always wondered around and read all your stories and comments. The support you show to all the people here is great and has always astonished me, and perhaps now is the time I might need some of that myself.

I had previosuly been working out with FB on and off, but since somewhere in the mid January I've been following couple of the programmes and work out regularly 5 times a week (sometimes 6 if there was a recovery workout included in the schedule). I started off with Low Impact, followed by short FB Blend and next I moved to FB Burn 2 and Booty 2. Last week I started round 2 of FB Burn and as much as I can feel some major differences in strength and endurance, I can feel that there is some muscle growth happening here and there, I cannot see much progress when I look in the mirror nor when I measure myself. Since January I lost maybe 3 cm in waist and stomach, similar in tights and hips, pretty much none in arms. And at this point I feel rather resigned and frustrated. I'm on a super ultra healthy diet for over a week now, I tried to eat rather healty earlier but since the results were rather poor, I decided to follow a meal plan now. I still eat one cheat meal on Friday nights (doing my best to keep it healthy, still) and have a drink or two during weekend, though - that's my way to stay sane, I suppose. But will this work? I really believed that up to this point I should see some bigger changes than this. After "workout complete" screen I feel awesome, most of the time, but the next morning when I'm passing by any mirror in my flat, I'm ashamed of what I see. Or, rather, what I don't see - progress, it is.

What the darn is wrong with my legs? Why the fat won't budge? I've always been ashamed of wearing shorts and hoped this will finally change, but currently, I'm losing faith and start doubting it all. Guys, any advice? Am I expecting too much too soon? I read some threads on the Community Chat about how some people felt like they were getting bigger at first and started seeing some decrease in body weight and fat percentage later on but... You know. I'm tired of waiting and I feel I'm starting to get obsessed by all of this.

So, what are your thoughts, guys? Should I just keep calm and carry on or...?