Anyone else struggle with frequent fatigue?

I’m curious what causes people to feel tired when they have had enough sleep and have a healthy lifestyle.

I struggle with frequent fatigue.

5 days of the week it’s hard to function all day.

I have a Fitbit so I know I get enough sleep. 7 hrs 30 mins average. Good for a normal lifestyle.

I have caffeine from tea (no coffee at all) so very moderate but it’s the only thing that can keep me awake in the afternoon. Without tea I can’t do my job. (I’ve tried for months at a time.)

I eat 2000+ calories a day. 90% clean paleo diet.

If I drop below 2000 calories I get crushing fatigue so I’ve never really been able to diet.

I’m a female 145lb and 5’5. And I workout every day.

Walking yoga or fb programs.

I avoid foods I have intolerances to. Gluten dairy etc.

They give me fatigue but I avoid them entirely.

And even with a healthy recovery meal I can get super tired after a workout that was moderately difficult.

So I’m stupid healthy and yet I struggle with this constant fatigue. This has been the case for years.

Oh and I’ve done the doctor rounds to no avail. Just had to pay a bunch of money to hear well just try and be healthy and sleep. -_-

Any other healthy people struggle with a lot of fatigue?