Breakfast - no shame!

My tummy breakfast after finishing week 3 of FbAbs! Sauteed veggies with fried egg, fruit, cappuccino, and yes, homemade challah bread with cheese, almond butter and honey. Is it whole grain? No. Does it have sugar? Yes, but it is pure cane sugar and a moderate amount. Am I guilty? NO. I went months avoiding every little morsel of sugar and refined foods. It's so about BALANCE. Thus challah isnt unhealthy. It is just a host less nutritious than other foods, but I balanced it out with other nutrient-filled foods!

Also, anyone else feel they just have to have a satisfying, big Breakfast? Sometimes even when you're not hungry? I just love a good breakfast and dinner. I can survive well with just snacks throughout the day haha!

Share your favorite homemade baked good!!