My nutritionist is telling to eat more than I think I should. What should I do!?

I went to the nutritionist a month ago for a consult about my diet, and again today for a control. She told me I lost 4lbs and some inches in the overall of my body. But she told that it wasn't in a healthy way.

Pd: this post is going to be a little long, sorry! But hopefully some of you read it and help me!

Before telling you how I eat, I need to tell how popular are this eating habits in my country: drinking coffee with milk, or milk a lot, eating around 2 or more carbs in meals (like potatoes and plantain, and rice, etc).

So ok, last time I came she told me to eat kind of like that. She told me to don't eat fruits in my breakfast but at the middle of the morning with milk and for breakfast I should eat two slices of cheese or an egg with an arepa with butter (I usually eat like that but without butter and with a fruit or two, like apple, grape, kiwi, or passion fruit).

She told me I hace to eat two of this at lunch: rice, potatoes, plantain, or this like that, any kind of protein (fish or meat or chicken) and salad (I eat this but just one of the carbs that she told me. I almost never eat rice, but I eat potatoes or plantain or something).

Then she told me I should eat another glass of milk with a fruit like a snack in the afternoon, and toasts or oatmilk or something. And for dinner: another carb like potatoes or rice, another protein a quater of a fat portion and a optional salad (eat all but the carb at night).

She told me that was wrong, all of my diet is. But I feel good, haven't been feeling sick le anything, feel healthier even.

I want to know what you think about it. Thank you if you stay with me till the end of this post :P