Problem Area - Question

There’s something that keeps bugging me even though it might seem really silly and shallow. When I started regularly working out with FB over one and a half years ago, I merely wanted to get fitter and slightly more toned-up. I didn’t have to lose weight.

My expectations were quite reasonable and I didn’t want to or expected to see instant results. All in all, I’m satisfied apart from one thing. The skin on my stomach looks a bit like that of someone who has lost a slightly more significant amount of weight than I did or someone who lost some weight after pregnancy, for example, which would be perfectly fine if either of these two things happened but it’s not the case.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to criticise anyone whose abs are not perfectly toned and I’m not complaining, I’m just a bit perplexed. Did I start working out too late (I’m 42) and my skin, like me, is inflexible and unable to adjust or am I doing something wrong? I honestly can’t eat healthier meals and I work out 5 times a week. :) I finished FB Abs Round 1 over a week ago and I’m doing FB Burn at the moment.

Does anyone have a similar problem? (for want of a better word) Thank you!