1 month after 4th kid, with minor diastasis


I used to work out with FB about 2 years back after my 3rd kid, lost 10kg and felt great at 65-ish kg. Got pregnant for the fourth time (it took us by surprise, more me than husband though :P), and was ordered a bed-rest and no activity during most of my pregnancy due to baby-health concerns. Fast forward a year, I've gained 30kg and for my 168cm don impressive 90+kg at the moment.

I hate it, as expected, I feel tired and exhausted most of the time, not mentioning super grumpy. I fell into supplementing my non-existent energy levels with coffee and candy bars. (True, getting up every 1,5 hour in the night isn't helping. Screw those newborn weeks.)

I'd like to start all over again, and have been given permission to do so, as long as I take it easy on my minor diastasis recti (I have about 2 finger gap in mid section, upper and lower are only about half a finger which is great.)

I've scheduled a low-impact 4 week program yesterday, but I'd like a community input (maybe someone has an experience?) on what exercises I should avoid completely and what I should modify (I don't do jumping at all, for example, but I've never needed to modify for stomach injury, and the docs here are...not helpful. They just refer me to a gym or say I'm fine to do anything, but I know from experience that's not the case with DR and can actually be detrimental to a nice looking stomach or even cause worse injury, such as hernia.)

Or should I just try to find some mommy workouts instead for now?

I love FB as I can do stuff at home with no additional cost with a mat, dumbbells and a treadmill at home (you know, not "buy my 50$ program that'll tell you what you know already in 15 pages .pdf", and "buy this super-long towel designed specifically for these exercises that you could do without it but I've modified it so you can't", etc.)

Thanks everyone! (And Daniel and Kelli especially, for making this conversation even possible.)