Low impact for the baby~

So, I’ve read everyone’s lovely advice and I’m so thankful. It was all pretty varied, but I think I will stick to light, low impact exercises for now. The doctor saying just to rest was more of a general thing, and I have a feeling it’s a cultural idea here in Korea, for women to remain pretty inactive during pregnancy.

Last night, I did a light no jumping warm up with Kelli, took about a 30 minute stroll with my husband, and a cool down with Daniel.

The conversation between my husband and me went like this~ Me: “Well, that certainly wasn’t the kind of workout I usually do, but I think it was okay.” Husband: “Yeah, it was okay. I’m proud of you.” 😊

I also felt good afterwards, bc there was some morning sickness before, but after working out, the feeling was gone! That convinced me. I’ll listen to my body and won’t do anything too extreme.

Thank you to everyone for your wishes and advice. Today, I plan to start the low impact program with me sister. She’s even offered to help me cook in the evenings! To all those that pray, I’ll appreciate your prayers! Sorry for the super long post..hehe