Had to quit FB Burn and start all over again!


This message is for those who are feeling ashamed for not being able to push trough the end of a workout program, or feeling bad because they took too many days off. Well, nothing wrong with that! Back in April, I started FB Burn. The program is only one month long and it's about 30-45 minutes a day. Today it should have been my last day of Fb Burn, but instead of that, I started all over again and it's my first day.

Why? Because in the last 2 weeks I barely worked out (for about 3 days, here and there). I have been extremely busy, been in a short vacation and when I returned, I got an awful flu with fever, weak muscles and everything. I am still sick and I still can't breath well, but I am definately feeling better and I am ready to get back into my workout routine.

Besides, it's the first time in YEARS when my body is screaming for a workout/ moving, whatever. How crazy is that? I never felt that way before lol :)).

I wanted to continue FB Burn and pick up from where I left (or do something easy this week), but from week 3 it gets a bit more difficult and week 1&2 aren't that bad, so I decided to delete and start all over again. Oh and I already completed the first day. Besides the clogged nose issue, it wasn't hard to complete, wich makes me happy :)) I didn't lose too much of my form :)

Sooo, guys, don't feel bad for starting all over again. Remember, a winner is a loser who tried one more time! Or better said, a loser is one that quits and never tries again! Make your choice: continue from where you left, or start all over again, but DON'T QUIT!!