An epiphany


Exercising, getting into shape is hard work. It hurts. Not pain hurt, but the hurt as your muscles burn to do another rep hearing the timer beep knowing you’re not quite finished the reps, and the hurt of sore muscles the next day. I’ve wanted exercise to be easy, it was easy to sit on the couch eating the bag of potato chips to put on weight and not exercise. Where’s the magic wand that gets me into shape? I’ve also wanted it to be easy to maintain fitness/weight. It’s not. I have to put effort in to get into shape and I’ll have to keep putting effort in to maintain.

But it will be easier to engage in physical activity, to run up stairs, to lift things, to not be embarrassed and huffing and puffing when the activity is easy for those around me. That’s the easy part I’m looking forward to, but I’ll only get that after I’ve done the hard part first.