Vegan Korean Recipe Idea

So, I got a request for an easy vegan Korean dish to try and I just made this today! It’s called “bibimbap” (비빔밥) which literally translates to mixed rice. It’s really just veggies mixed in with rice, sesame oil, and Korean red pepper paste. It is so good and very easy to put together. Here in Korea, it’s usually the foreigner favorite. It’s so versatile, too! You can just mix in whatever veggies you have on hand. Here, I’ve included carrots, perilla leaves, various lettuce and spring greens, cabbage, and broccoli. The rice is a mixture of white, black, and sweet rice with lentils. I also put an egg in mine, and most Koreans will add meat to this dish, as well, but it’s just as yummy without it! Here is a link to a more traditional recipe, but it includes meat. Feel free not to add it. If you try this, please share! It’ll be exciting to see the Korean love spreading around!