I now know why I’ve been so exhausted~!


I’m pregnant! I didn’t think about it since my periods are normally irregular. But I did the home pregnancy test when I was a week late and went to the doctor and he confirmed! My baby is just a little tiny egg, but it’s there! No wonder I’ve been so tired..I was thinking something was up. The thing is...the doctor said I can’t workout! 😱 I’ve been doing my FB30 program this whole time. I just did a total body strength workout today! I will listen to the doctor, but was wondering what you all thought, especially to those who have been through this. He said just to rest...I want to do what’s best for my baby...but not working out at all? I checked a couple sites, and they said it’s fine to keep working out in the first trimester, even HIIT, if you have been since before the pregnancy. AHHH! I’m pregnant! 😂