Workouts + Lunches


Hey FB fam!

Hope everyone’s had a nice day! The weather was absolutely beautiful here today. A nice break from all the crazy windy days we have in the spring!

I thought I’d share my last 2 workouts, how it’s going, and what I ate afterwards.

The 2 pics on the left are from Wednesday, and the 2 on the right are from today.

I’m really enjoying doing these shorter workouts! Usually I would add some extra credit, which I do want to do sometimes, but I’m really noticing, that when I know from the beginning that I’m doing “less”, I’m really doing more! I can push myself harder!

On the upper body day, I lifted heavier, and I did three 3/4 full push-ups!😱 (I say 3/4 because I couldn’t go all the way to the ground.) Ahh! I was super excited!

Today, (was my first time doing this routine by the way. Loved it!) I lifted heavier, I did the HIIT exercises with precise, fast movements as quickly as I could, I jumped higher, with as much force as possible! By the end the knee, front kick, touchdown exercise felt so hard even though it was probably the easiest exercise! 😂 I’m not trying to brag, but I felt really proud of myself! I kicked. My. Butt!! My legs were shaking, and I can really feel it! (And I just did this one routine!) Sorry, I’m just super excited right now. Can’t you tell?😁

I would really encourage everyone who has been/think they have been overtraining, or not seeing results in a while, to really try resting their body’s, and try doing some shorter routines! I know it can be hard, because you think you can do more, but trust me. Less can be more!

Wednesday I had quinoa, beef meat with onions, zucchini, strawberry spinach salad, and other veggies. Today, I made a burrito out of homemade tortillas, with roast my mom made, toppings, toppings, toppings, and carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes that were in the pot roast. Oh, and another strawberry spinach salad.😂

(Let me know if y’all don’t care to see my food all the time. 😂 I’ve just been having fun arranging the plates and trying to take pretty pics, but I don’t want to come across like I’m trying to copy those “what I eat in a day” videos, or Instagram food pics, or something.)