Another homemade pizza 😊

Homemade pizza was our dinner last night 😁

I used a whole wheat flour named Chakki Atta and it's a very finely ground whole wheat flour. It is a buffalo mozzarella and regular mozzarella mix cheese pizza 😀. Using a pizza stone the pizza cooks in only three minutes!! Even though it is thin crust only the edge gets crispy.

Mini rant:

Unfortunately I can tell the flour is not what it used to be. For it all to get as powdery as white flour they would need to mill/grind the flour more than once. The Chakki Atta I bought is not as dark as it used to be so I am convinced they probably only grind once then sift the larger pieces out. So they can technically still get away with labeling it whole wheat. 😑

I started making my pizzas thin when I started using Chakki Atta years ago because whole wheat thicker crust is heavier to eat than white. As thin crust you can barely tell it's not white flour. But with the current Chakki Atta I can tell I can definitely make a thicker crust and not have that whole wheat heaviness.

I need to go search around if I can find true Chakki Atta or will have to switch to regular whole wheat flour.