Homemade pizza!!!😋

Hey y’all!

I made pizza for my family for dinner the other night, and wanted to show y’all!

Aaaahhh, Homemade pizza crust is hands down, The. Best. Period. We buy whole grain and grind it ourselves in a Nutrimill, I believe it’s called. Then it’s fresh and full of the good nutrients! We make all our baked goods with it! Yum, yum, yum!

I made: Cheese, supreme, cheese with hamburger meat, roasted veggie, bbq chicken with pineapple, bbq beef, I don’t even remember everything, but it was SOOO good!

I think I have a slight lactose intolerance, so I made some without cheese, but I ate some with cheese too, because I made them and I wanted to try them all! I can have dairy sometimes, just not to much. They were still healthy of course, and yummy!

The pic of the plate was of my lunch leftovers the other day.