Before and After (during FBFit?)pictures

Hello everyone,

This is my first ever post.

First off I would like to say a massive thank you to Kelli and Daniel for everything that you do. You have no idea how much you've changed my life.

I am a mother of two boys 5yo and 23mos. Growing up and up to my twenties I have always been on average weight for my height. But since having my boys I kind of let go myself a bit. Then one day I just realised how miserable I felt about myself and my confidence had just gone so low. My amazing husband told me time and time again (before I actually took the plunge) to try to exercise and I wish I listened to him sooner. But anyway one day I just thought I'll search YouTube for some abs exercises,Fitness blender came up. And the rest is history. I never exercised my whole life up until now. (I'm 36!)

What I really would like to say is how much exercise and clean eating change my life. I have loads of energy, I feel so strong and happy. One day my husband told me how my mood changed dramatically. That he could see I am a much happier person since taking up exercise and clean eating. And I have loads of energy for my boys. So for me the aesthetic side of it is just a bonus. Although initially that's my goal. But how it changed me psychology,mentally and emotionally is just amazing.

I started on FB workouts last September. And I eventually took the plunge and started FB fit in February. But two weeks into it and I got chest infection so I was forced to stop. I restarted it again and I am now on day 17! Yey! So I am really excited for my results and hope my willpower stay strongšŸ˜Š

These are my before and after, (or should I say during?)pictures. I hope these inspire you as much as all your stories inspired me.

Daniel and Kelli, thank you so much for all you do. What an amazing duo you two are. Thank you!