How to Reschedule Rest Days with FB Purchased Programs

I'm working my way through FB Burn which I started about 3 weeks ago on a Monday. That made my weekends rest / recovery wkout days which was perfect for me. Last week was Thanksgiving. I took the day off and then, for the long weekend, I went snowboarding (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). I came home, took Monday off and jumped back in again on Tuesday. I had no trouble rescheduling my "missed" Burn workouts by pushing them forward. Tomorrow will be Thursday, however, and my calendar wants me in a recovery workout, followed by a rest day on Friday and back to full throttle on Saturday. I want to go full throttle for Thursday and Friday and rest/recover over the weekend but I just can't figure a way to swap the rest days with the workouts I want to do. Am I missing something? Is there a trick to it? Or must I forever calculate where I left off and sub things out mentally? I get up at the crack of dawn to workout precisely because I like to force myself into exercise before my brain is fully awake and aware of what I'm doing LOL! If I have to perform mental calculations too, I just might go straight back to bed!