A fitness test...

I was on youtube when I came across a HIIT workout that several commenters said was "very very hard" and half of themreported that they had to pause for several minutes or stop the video altogether because it was very tiresome and their legs and/or lungs were just dead.

So naturally I decided to try it (even though it was suppose to be my rest day), to see if I could do it. I wondered if years of doing HIIT exclusively on FB would help me to do this workout in one go.

Well I'm happy to say that years of training helped tremendously since I was able to finish the workout ! I'm so ecstatic ! I wasn't even as tired as I usually am after a level 4/5 HIIT workout !

The warm up was 3 minutes long so I did it twice. I found the HIIT exercises to not be horrible (I've tried some that I've dreaded in the first 2 minutes of the video); it used tabata style 20 on 10 off (and also 30/15) which not many do and the trainers told you to switch sides, to start with different arms or legs, to not do everything on just one side or else your muscles wouldn't develop equally (also very rare). There were even star jumps! (though done differently then here)

I think people, like me, who workout exclusively with FB should give it a go when they feel ready, it's a great way to test yourself.

It's almost a bored easily format (two rounds of each set), the trainers take turns with each different round, do different exercises entirely (the most repetitive motion is when you have to do an ascending ladder alternating between burpees and push-ups)

Here's the link to the video, it's a 30 min HIIT workout though no cool down is included :


If you do do it tell me what you thought of it - I think a pause in the middle would have been appropriate