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I've been dithering about whether I should post this message or not but I've decided to do it anyway. One of the things I love about what Kelli and Daniel represent is the fact that they always make it absolutely clear that the main purpose of doing exercise is to be healthy and fit.

I've been working out with Fitness Blender for about 2 years (a little less actually). I've never been overweight so when I started working out regularly all I wanted to achieve is a strong, healthy and possible more toned body. Although I'm healthy and I eat well, (hopefully) I don't see any significant results. I don't want to sound superfical, ungrateful or condescending but seeing all those inspiring 'before&after' stories and pictures I figured I could reach my goals too.

Maybe I started too late and my body can't get more toned (I'm 42). I obviously can't end up looking like a 20-year-old and it's perfectly fine but I also can't help being a little disappointed in myself. I'm not planning to give up, far from it, but I need to know if I'm doing something wrong.

Does anyone have similar problems?