How many calories should I be eating?

I know I shouldn't be so worried about calories, but I've recently lost a little over ten pounds and I'm about four away from my goal weight, so I want to make sure that when I get to maintenance, I don't gain it back.

I'm 5'7" and 132.2 pounds as of this morning. I'm currently doing FB30 but including a couple more of the short workout videos per week, too. on Friday (which is the optional day) I try to do the optional workout plus another shorter workout to increase my calorie burn. I also have a job where I'm on my feet walking and lifting stuff for the majority of the time I'm there (it's part time -- I'm only there for about 12 hours a week right now but will be increasing next week when summer starts).

To lose weight, I've been eating around 1,300-1,450 calories a day depending on how hungry I am. According to cronometer, where I track my food intake, my maintenance calories should be around 1,900 with the activity level set as "lightly active" which increases my calories by about 250. I don't put in my workouts on top of that, so I just figure that whatever I'm burning through those would be around that same amount. Do you think my calculations are accurate? Should I be eating less on the 1-2 days that I don't workout because I'm not burning those extra calories? I'm really proud of the work I've done and just don't want to see my weight go back up because of a miscalculation. Thanks!