Hello fbfamily! The best way to succeed is carry this little word in your pocket,, Consistant. Ask anybody here, "How Did You Get There" and they will tell you, I practiced consistency. Rather it be workouts, changing food habits or getting the right mindset. You have to set these as main goals and then stay Consistant. It may start out a couple days a week and build up but as long as your consistently building, it will work. You have to tell yourself everyday, I workout, I eat clean, I'm taking care of Me! You own it right from the beginning. It gives you great great power! Don't say, I workout but I'm just a beginner,, Say, I Workout! Don't say, I'm only eating clean some of the days, say, I'm a clean eater. You say these things to yourself, to others, you say them. Let your thought process change. Let your way of speaking change. This will guide you to full over all changes. Don't wait for you to be fully switched over, own it right off the bat and then stay Consistant!! Love to you all. See you tomorrow with my PFT results 💪