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Flexibility and balance goals!


I'd like to share this little thing that happened a couple of days ago, because it was such a motivation booster!

We were having a cook-out/barbeque with my family and everyone was busy helping. I was peeling potatoes and one of my cousins asked me where the paper plates were. Since I had my hands full - literally - I kept peeling and pointed out with my leg... :)

Well, he found the plates, but the best thing was that he was so impressed by how much I had raised my leg (more than waist-height), that he complimented me on my balance and flexibility! It meant so much to me! I've always been the clumsiest in the family, while he is the fitness guru (who does hard-core things like weighted pull-ups, clapping push-ups, road cycling racing...), so that compliment really made my day :)

So, I just wanted to say to anyone out there who's lost motivation: keep looking for the small things! Don't look at the mirror or at the scale; look for improvements in your everyday-life activities: how you're not breathless after climbing the stairs, how you can walk with bags full of groceries without getting tired, how you can point with your leg :) It all adds up, and it's so much more important than anything else!

Thank you, Daniel and Kelli!