Community forum spammers; what happened & how you can help


Hey FB Family! As many of you might have noticed, we were the targets of a massive spam attack over the past week. Thousands and thousands of garbage posts. We’re sorry for the disruption this caused. We value our community enormously and hated to see it bothered by these spam posts.

We have added some new protections which we hope will both stop and/or catch the spam quicker.

How you can help: If you see spam, please take a second to flag it; this will help get the post removed & it helps us enormously. 

To report any post as spam, all you need to do is click the three dots on the bottom right hand corner of any comment or post. Then select "Report Spam or Abuse". 

We believe that the spammers were doing this for Search Engine Optimization reasons. Google indexed the spammy community discussions, which then increased the ranking of their website that was included in the spam.

They targeted other popular websites as well.

This was difficult to stop for a number of technical reasons - we are very lucky that we have a very talented and dedicated team to help us out in adding extra protections to make those annoying posts stop.

Thank you again for all being so patient and supportive of us through what was an unexpected and seriously stressful speed bump. All of your comments about the spam weren’t complaining about the spam, instead they were you guys, worried for us because we had additional stress on our plates because of it. I just think that’s really kind and it meant a lot to both of us while we worked with our team to find a solution. We love the FB Community. 

Anyways, we hope you all have a nice relaxing, healthy weekend! See you Sunday with a new workout! K&D