Believe in myself and it's truly getting better now

I've been under depression for almost ten years, always up and down. I am so tired of this situation. I started arrange workouts every morning and evening. I start a day by morning workout, which let me know that it's a new and indepent day, it can be fruitful and happy if You Want. I also end a day by the evening workout, which tells me that I have done my best for today, no judgement.

I earned not only "this workout is completed" but also calm in my mind. I get rid of depression for almost 20 days. I love the feeling now, love mysrlf and my life. All I have to do is keep showing up and listening to my mind and body.

I know this is the pace I need to keep a good life. Thanks for FB. You really change my mindset, also thanks the people who support FB. We actually complete workout together around world.