Advice needed: iOS App to track food intake

Hey, #fbfamily!

As I have already mentioned in some of my replies, I track my calorie intake daily (I keep a food diary). However, it is super inconvenient to use a Word document to do that on a daily basis.

Could you help me out here? I have an iPhone, and it would be great to have an app where I could log in my food intake (separate products and meals) throughout the day. I don't need specifics (macro-nutrients), just weight and calories. I need it to be very simple and also with options of manual entry (I am in Russia and I can't ever find any local brands I buy here in any of the popular apps, so I will be typing in manually).

What apps are you using? What could you recommend? I have tried MyFitnessPal, and I don't like it, too complicated.

Thank you so much in advance, friends!