My "before and after" story (/w pictures)

Before I start sharing my “before and after” story with you, first I would love to take a moment and thank you for clicking on this post. It’s not a long time ago since I posted my “milestone celebration” here on this website and I was overwhelmed by the positive reaction I got from this loving community so that is why I decided to write this in order to maybe help someone in a similar situation.

I remember being a really lively and active child. I was outside basically every single day running around with my friends and my biggest hobbies were swimming and aerobics which I did for almost 10 years competitively. At this age I had never even thought about how my body looks like because I was happy and did not have the need to think about stuff like this, well, not until I hit puberty. When I was around 15-16 I started getting comments on how my body looks like basically from everyone around me and unfortunately my family included. I admit, I was underweighted but that was something my body did on its own. I still had a very active lifestyle (had aerobic classes 4times/week) and enjoyed every single physical activity because I simply loved it. My body fat percentage was low and I was that type of person who would not gain weight easily, especially with this type of lifestyle. I didn’t think something was wrong with me, I ate normally and healthily and most importantly I felt good. When you hear comments on how “skinny” or even “anorexic” you look every single day, it will get to you eventually. All this stuff I heard corrupted my way of thinking and I started feeling uncomfortable and even disgusting in my own body.

I still remember the day when I decided that I will show everyone that I can gain weight and made a terrible decision - I started eating unhealthy junk food only and I stopped exercising (yes, I stopped doing what I loved the most). After couple of months of this crazy lifestyle I finally gained some weight and hearing people say “you finally gained weight” was a compliment for me. But then it got me – I was not happy and most importantly I was NOT HEALTHY. I had trouble sleeping, I lacked energy I really needed, I was constantly tired, I no longer enjoyed healthy snacks and meals because they were tasteless to me and I hated my body for how it started to look. My body was suddenly not able to do things it was able to do in the past – I lost my strength and also my cardio endurance (walking up the stairs was harder than ever).

I absolutely hated myself for what I have done to my body and this had to stop IMMEDIATELY. As a student I didn’t have much money so I couldn’t afford a gym membership but luckily enough I have discovered something way better – FitnessBlender. I have bought a step and while searching for some workout videos on YouTube I came across one of their step workouts and after seeing my first “workout complete” screen I started crying – literally. I was SO happy I completed my first workout in forever that I simply couldn’t help myself and since that day I am addicted to working out (in a good way!). I’ve never felt better, never been stronger and most importantly – never been happier and more positive than I am now.

Been with FB for 4 years already and many more years are yet to come. And what I wanted to say by sharing this story is – NEVER listen to others, NEVER, especially when it comes to your own body and health because, as Daniel and Kelli say too, health and fitness comes in many shapes and sizes and do not let others define who you are. You are a beautiful human being and as far as YOU are happy and feel good then it is alright and you are where you should be. Do what you love to do and do what feels good and what your heart desires because you only live once and you live NOW! Live a life you will be happy about and proud of, that’s all that matters because you are the one living it, not others.

Thank you so much for reading my story, I’m so happy I could write my heart of. This community is literally the best community on the internet and am more than happy I can be part of it.

Stay happy, healthy and awesome! ♥