Hoodies // advice on size ?? 🤔


Who owns such a hoodie already and can give me an advice on the size (oh, that rhymes 😂)? Last winter I even spread out my sweatshirts on the table and started measuring, lol, but then in the end I couldn't convince myself to order one, not least because, if I remember correctly, the price and shipping costs were higher too than this time and I thing it's not like an H&M haul in my own country, with simple return options, so I would like to avoid a trial and error situation. I am 1.80cm tall (5"11) and my arms are long (it has always been a pain for me to find jackets, blouses and shirts, because the sleeves are always always too short. 😒) BUT I love oversized shirts, especially if cozy sweatshirts. I hope the hoodie is and feels as it looks – a little bit 'heavy' and thick and super cozy. So, before I checked out the link, I was positive I should just order the biggest size. But then I saw there are three (!) XL-steps, and now I'm not sure anymore about the size range. Maybe 3XL is too big, although I love oversized shirts? Is anybody here who already ordered a FB shirt, and is as tall as me?